Current Solo Exhibition


Report from the Littoral Zone

Sept 8 - Nov 25. 2018


This exhibition focuses on the Australian southeast coast of NSW littoral mangroves and endangered shorebird environments. As you enter you encounter one large multi-media installation involving paintings, fibre art, sculpture and video.

All three gallery rooms are employed to create a walk-through experience of the mangroves – a place few people venture into. This is a sound and image trail map that aims to refocus attention on local eco-pressure points.

The littoral zone is increasingly under attack from global warming, tourism and urban development. The disappearance of migratory shorebirds from our beaches is just one obvious sign of this phenomena. Until recently our mangroves were seen as wasted wetlands. Now we know mangroves are crucial to the health of our coastal environments – as pollution filters, wildlife nurseries, barriers against storms and rising sea level effects.

Kurt Brereton is a mid career visual and digital media artist and writer.

Kurt grew up surrounded by mangroves at Brunswick Heads on the far north coast of NSW. He now lives on the south coast at Currarong beach near Nowra.


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New Publication from Kurt Brereton

An image and text artist book on the
Reappropriated Readymade artwork.

Against A Skyline of Canted Rust




Installation, sculpture, paintings, video across three rooms.

Statement, works and floortalk by Kieren Brereton






SUNDAY         16TH SEPTEMBER    10AM - 4PM $75

SATURDAY     13TH OCTOBER       10 AM - 4PM $75

SUNDAY         11th NOVEMBER       10AM - 4PM $75


This course develops a range of skills and methods for creating artworks on paper using found images, and self generated images. Collage can integrate mixed media including printmaking (linocuts, stamps), inks and crayons, photos, drawing and painting.

Students will be using the unique aesthetic properties of each medium as it relates to the collage as a whole. Students will create a finished artwork and gain critical feedback from both teacher and fellow students.

The focus will be shorebirds and the local beach/mangrove environment.

Early bookings essential.

Email enquiries@jbmm.asn.au or call (02) 4441 5675


HSC Students Special Art Mentor Workshop - FREE

Sat 10th November
at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum Gallery

10.30 am - 2.30pm




1PM SATURDAY     11TH November

FREE (meet in the gallery)

Join Kurt Brereton for a journey through his immersive exhibition Report From the Littoral Zone. Learn about the mangrove environment and the various techniques Kurt uses to create his work. Featuring paintings, video, embroidery, sculpture and mixed media, this multi-dimensional show is dense with meaning and creative technique. A tour not to be missed!

RSVP 4441 5675.

Email enquiries@jbmm.asn.au or call (02) 4441 5675

Photo by Greta Michelsen


Last Solo Exhibition

Orpheus Island
From Coral to Coal on the Great Barrier Reef

9th Feb - 26 Feb 2017

Orpheus Island exhibition at M16 Artspace, Canberra

exhibition works

Live broadcast of opening and critical commentary by Kieren Brereton

21 Blaxland Cres, Griffith ACT 2603


Recent Selected Works


Mangroves at Lowtide, (face of screen) embroidery and oil on canvas,
122cm x 168cm, 2018


Mangrove Saplings, (verso) embroidery on cotton, 61cm x 61cm, 2018

Entering the Mangroves, embroidery, 122cm x 176cm, 2017


Life Drawing- Advanced Class, embroidery, 84cm x 114cm, 2017

Living With Monsters, embroidery, mixed media on cotton,
160cm x 245cm, 2017

Mangrove Monsters, mixed media and oil, 75cm x 95 x 220cm, 2018

Pied Oystercatcher
(endangered Shorebirds Series),

embroidery on canvas, 30cm x 30cm, 2018

Little Tern

Sooty Oystercatcher