Current Solo Exhibition

Multimedia installation of paintings, installation, video

12 Nov 2016 - 21 Jan 2017
(Main & Central Galleries)
Launch Opening Sat 12 (12 - 2pm)

The Threads That Bind, hand embroidery, oil on linen, 102 x 122cm, 2016



Next Solo Exhibition

Orpheus Island


21 Blaxland Cres, Griffith ACT 2603

9th Feb 2017 - 26 Feb 2017
Opening Thurs 9th (6pm)
Launched by Senator Richard Di Natale (Leader of the Greens)

Coal to Coral Progression No5/6, oil, linocuts, embroidery on canvas, 122cm x 167cm each panel, 2016



Volunteer teaching monthly workshops in Professional Practice for Artists
at Shoalhaven City Arts Centre (Nowra)


Last Solo Exhibition

Currarong Encounters
Multimedia installation of paintings, drawings, photos, sculpture, video

Shoalhaven City Arts Centre (Nowra)
June 6 - July 4, 2015

Launch Sat June 6 at 12 - 2pm East Gallery

Quick Look at Works


Latest Publication

Shock of The Ordinary
Photographs 1975 – 2016
by Kurt Brereton

Collectors Deluxe Edition (revised)
Only 50 signed and numbered copies.
Published by Jellied Tongue Press

Recent Solo Exhibitions

Rhizomes - Gallery Paquette
NJ, USA, July - August 2012

nomad art
Australian Artist Nomad Project living quarters in Paquette Gallery.
Humpy made out of his paintings and found materials.

Rhizo-Photography - Compton Gallery
NJ, USA, July - August 2012



James Kiwi Watercolour Prize Winner

Wollongong City Gallery

"Here We Are Gazing", 80cm x 120cm, 2010 - Wollongong Gallery Collection


Now Shoalhaven Contemporary Art Prize 2015

Currarong Mangroves,101cm x 167cm,
oil on canvas, 2015


The Persistence of Being in the Face of Entropy, video projection, 2015


Recent Books & Catalogs


TEST RESULTS:Virality and Painting

Preface by George Alexander

Only 5 copies left
Available in Gallery Bookshop at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra
105pp colour perfect bound includes original art prints
Limited edition of 50 copies signed and numbered by artist.

FREE as an e-book from www.lulu.com

Overview of book

Preview Exhibition of Paintings
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra
March - April 2015


Exhibition catalog for Rhizomatix exhibition. Includes essay on rhizomatic theory and social and cultural context for show.
100pp colour, incl intro texts. Jellied Tongue Press & Compton Gallery, N.J. USA

50 numbered and signed perfect bound copies SOLD OUT.
BUT the ebook version IS OUT NOW at www.lulu.com

August 3 - 26, 2012 Compton Gallery NJ - highlights

Launch of first Rhizomatix event in USA
Publication also launched


Exhibition catalog of photo installation and digital video animations held at Compton Gallery, Boonton, 2012.

Each image serves as a node that leads to other images around it in time and place. The captions to each photo become more narrative in scope as the reader moves through the book.

100pp colour, b/w, incl intro texts. Publ. Compton Gallery, NJ. USA
50 numbered and signed hard copies

Exhibition catalog of paintings and digital video animations held at Gallery Paquette, Boonton, 2012.

Explores the concept of rhizomatic art production using the subject of mangroves and Pandanus Palms as metaphors. Both organisms are themselves rhizomes and serve as models for extended modes of production.

50pp colour, incl intro texts. Gallery Paquette, N.J. USA
50 numbered and signed hard copies


Monograph • Edited by Ken Bolton
Covers the art career of Kurt Brereton from 1973 to 2011.

Spans photography, painting, sculpture, animation, film, performance, poetry and writing.
Includes biography and exhibition chronology.
Plus an interactive original drawing artwork.

Published by JTP Australia   

50 numbered and signed hard copies including original art pages.
Hard Copy Edition SOLD OUT
available as an e-book
more details


e- book FREE

Collection of artist books by Kurt Brereton from 1979 - 1982.
more details



e-books out now
FREE at www.lulu.com


greek myths book

A critically humorous collection of myths on contemporary Greek life.
Roland Barthes meets Woody Allen on holiday in Athens.

read interview (in Greek - Google English translation avail.)

167pp colour
Jellied Tongue Press

Two essays on contemporary art and pop culture.