Greek Myths for the 21st Century

Kurt Brereton

150pp • Hardcover edition out March 2013
(50 signed and numbered copies only -
includes an original artwork in each copy)

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Kurt Brereton interviewed by Despina Deliyanniolou
For Bibliotechne magazine, October 2012

Odysseus Returns to Piraeus Harbour
The Head of Orpheus (ΟΡΦΕΑΣ)
Costas - The God of Unfinished Projects
Yasou Yiorgos Alexandroglou
Athens: The City of Lost Members
Excremental Virtues in Athens
The Call of a Baby Goat
The Secret Language of Greek Dogs
Beggars and Street Sellers
Whirly birds
Why are there no Modern Greek Masters?
Smoking in Greece
Austerity Measures and Riots
BYRON - Lord Byron’s Graffiti at the Temple of Poseidon
Hi Sal — A Report from Athens

A Letter Home from Athens — Poem for Turiya