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Dr Kurt Brereton was born in Australia in 1955. A mid career visual and digital media artist, writer and creative arts & design academic, Kurt currently lives on the south coast of NSW at Currarong beach.

Brereton's first solo exhibition was at Bondi Pavillion Gallery Sydney in 1980 and since then has mounted over 30 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas (USA, England, Germany, Japan, Ireland and Taiwan).

Brereton resigned from full time academia in 2001 to concentrate on his art and writing career. He continues to teach art at various tertiary and community institutions on a part time basis and until recently was Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

In 2005 Hyper-Taiwan: Art, Design, Culture was published by Art & Collection (Taiwan). In 2008 Luscious, a monograph on Brereton's recent art career was published by Lakeside Arts (USA) in conjunction with a solo exhibition of his paintings and videos in New York.

In July 2009 a major survey exhibition of over 70 works spanning the previous decade was mounted at the Wollongong City Art Gallery. Brereton won the James Kiwi Watercolour Prize in 2010. Coalcliff Days exhibition (curated with Ken Bolton and Sal Brereton) ran from May 15 -June 12, 2011 at the Wollongong City Gallery.

Brereton co-edited the anthology Coalcliff Days with Ken Bolton and Sal Brereton. Brereton was new media artist in residence at Gymea Technology High School, Sydney during 2010. We Are A Movie (Collected Artist Books) published by Jellied Tongue Press was publlished in 2011. A monograph on Kurt Brereton's art More Is Plenty edited by Ken Bolton was published by JTP in 2011. In 2012 Brereton held painting, sculpture and photography exhibitions at Compton Gallery and Gallery Paquette in Boonton NJ USA. Video and digital live online performances were conducted in Berlin, Athens and Tokyo. Greek Myths for the 21st Century, The Pathetic Manifesto and Cuteology were published in 2012. In 2015 Test Results: Art and Virality was published followed in 2016 by Shock of the Ordinary: Photographs 1975 - 2015.

Solo exhibitions Test Results (2015) and Currarong Encounters(2015) were held at the Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery. Brereton's solo show Biographs was seen at the same gallery in Nov 2016 - Jan 2017. In Febuary 2017 his solo exhibition Orpheus Island: From Coral to Coal on the Great Barrier Reef was held at M16 Gallery in Canberra.

Latest solo exhibition is currently on at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum in September 8 - November 25 2018 titled Report from the Littoral Zone.

Currently, Brereton is writing an historical anti-novel titled Living With Monsters to be published by JTP in 2019.


Art Exhibitions

Solo Shows

– Report from the Littoral Zone, Jervis Bay Maritime Museum Gallery, Huskisson

– Orpheus Island: Great Barrier Reef, M16 Artspace Gallery, Canberra

– Biographs, Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery, Nowra

– Currarong Encounters, Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery, Nowra
Test Results, process paintings - Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery, Nowra

Australian Artist Nomad Project,Gallery Paquette, USA
Gallery Paquette, Boonton, NJ, USA
– Rhizo-photography, Compton Gallery, Boonton, NJ, USA
– Rhizomes, Billinudgel NSW 2010

– Lovers: Theory & Practice, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
– From Coral to Coal: Great Barrier Reef Series, Number 10 Gallery, Jamberoo
– Mt Keira-Time, Number 10 Gallery, Jamberoo
– Chronography: Marking Time, Number 10 Gallery, Jamberoo

– Survey 1999-2009, Wollongong City Gallery
– Conversation Piece, (with Kendal Heyes), Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong

– Luscious, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ, USA
– Luscious, Rivergarden Gallery, Denville, NJ, USA
– Erosion of Memory, Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby, NSW

– Rise, Hat Hill Gallery, Blackheath, NSW
– Escarpment Series (with Ken Orchard) Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide
– New Work, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong

– 5 Films Installation, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
– Pacific Time, PD Gallery, Gymea, Sydney

– Chronography, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
– The Opening, Vuspace Gallery, University of Victoria, Melbourne
– Escarpment Series (with Ken Orchard) Hazelhurst Regional art Gallery, Sydney

– Rhizomorphosis, Site 85-Mangroves, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
– Rhizomorphosis: The Morphology of Mangroves, USC Gallery, Qld
– Vanuatu Series: Arrivals and Departures, Beanstalk Gallery, Thirroul, NSW

– Art Realty, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, Sydney University

– Messiaen at Mt Kiera, The Loft, UTS, Sydney

– Pathetic Manifesto Series, Blu Tac Gallery, University of Wollongong

– Simulacra Diorama, Photographers Above The Rainbow Gallery, Bristol

– Altar/Alter, King St. Gallery, Bristol

Group Shows

- Sea of Waste, Nowra Regional Gallery
- NOW Art Prize, Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery, Nowra

- Jervis Bay and Basin Arts Inc. Seechange 2016 Art Prize.

- NOW Art Prize, Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery, Nowra

Hazelhurst Art Award, Hazelhurst Art Centre, Sydney
Calleen Art Prize, Cowra Regional Art Gallery
The White Show, s.h.e. Gallery, Boonton, NJ USA
– Coalcliff Days, Wollongong City Gallery
– Calleen Art Prize, Cowra Regional Art Gallery
– TAFE Staff Show, Wollongong City Gallery
– James Kiwi Watercolour Prize, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
– ZeitBytes, IDAC (Illawarra Digital Art Collective)

– Sara Roney Gallery, Sydney
– 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
Master Class Tutors Show, Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery
– Le'Pota Gallery, Shoalhaven
– James Kiwi Watercolour Prize, Wollongong City Gallery
– Port Kembla Art Prize, Art in Port Gallery, Wollongong
– Collectors Show, De Havilland Gallery
– Terra Spiritalis, Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, SA
– Thirroul Art Prize

– Blake Prize, Sydney (finalist) link to web animation
– Land & Sea, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong
– Nudes, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong
– Milestones, Long Gallery, University of Wollongong
– Figuratively Speaking, Project Gallery, Wollongong
– Thirroul Art Prize

– Presently Nude, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong
– Ela-Asia Section, Art Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan
– Commission Show, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong
– Take It or Leave It, ICAN Show, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
– Fresh, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
– On The Shore Art Prize, Thirroul

– Members Show, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong

– Members Show, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong

– Places, Arterial Gallery, Adelaide
– Hazelhurst Art Award, Hazelhurst Art Centre, Sydney

– Coastal Protection Show, Mori Gallery, Sydney

– Members Xmas Exhibition, Gallery 4A, Sydney

– Staff exhibition. FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong

– 70th Anniversary of Fu Jen University
– International Professors Exhibition, Taiwan
– I Can't Believe Its Not Art!, Project Center for Contemporary Art, Wollongong

– Co-Existence, Long Gallery, University of Wollongong
– Signs, Spark Gallery, University of Wollongong
– FCA Staff Show, Spark Gallery, University of Wollongong

– Native Titled Now, S.H.Ervin Gallery, Sydney

– Beyond the Sublime, Part II, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney

– Artransit: Public Transport Poetry Exhibition, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney.

– UTS Group Show, UTS Gallery, Sydney.

– Close Remarks, Artspace Gallery, Sydney.

– Natural Histories, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.
– Natural Histories, Artspace Gallery, Sydney.
– Twenty Six Characters Exhibition, Adelaide Festival of the Arts, Exhibition, Adelaide.

– Natural Histories, (collaboration with Kit Edwardes), Watershed Gallery, Bristol.

– Artists in Schools, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol.

– Small Works, Sydney College of the Arts

– Photo/Place/Method, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney.

– Hand Painted Photos, Tin Sheds, Sydney University

– New Works, Ivan Doherty Gallery, Sydney

– Recent Australian Photography, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney.

– Coastal Life - Brunswick Heads Arts Center, New Brighton, NSW

Published Material

Brereton. K (2016) Shock of the Ordinary: Photographs 1975 - 2015, JTP
Brereton. K (2015) Test Results, JTP
Brereton. K (2012) The Pathetic Manifesto/Cuteology, JTP
Brereton. K (2012) Rhizomatix, JTP
Brereton. K (2012) Rhizomes, Gallery Paquette, NJ USA
Brereton. K (2012) Rhizo-photography, Comption Gallery, NJ USA
Brereton. K (2011) More Is Plenty, JTP, Bulli, Australia
Brereton. K (2011) We Are A Movie: Collected Artist Books, JTP, Bulli, Australia
Brereton. K (2008) Luscious, Lakeside Arts, Denville, USA
Brereton, K. (2005), Hyper-Taiwan: Art, Design, Culture, Art & Collection, Taipei, Taiwan
Brereton, K. (ed) (1986), Australian Mythological Sites, UTS, Sydney, Third Degree.
Brereton, K. (ed)(1985), Beyond The Naked Eye: Science, Fiction, Technology, UTS, Sydney, Third Degree, No 2.
Brereton, K. (ed) (1984),Vectors Lost in Space, Sydney, Third Degree, No 1.
Brereton, K. & Edwardes, K. (1983), Natural Histories, Bristol, Rollmop/British Arts Council.
Brereton, K. (ed) (1981), Photo-Discourse, Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts.
Brereton, K. (1979), 16 Postcards, Sydney, Rollmop Press.Book Chapters
2003 ‘Visual Intimacy’, catalogue essay for Intimacy art exhibition by Kevin Brereton.
2000 'Photo-Discourse: Critical Theory and Practice in Photography' in What Is This Thing Called Photography, Sydney, Pluto Press
1996 ‘Tourism at Uluru: Changing Images of Ayers Rock,’ in Traditions and Tourism: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Melbourne, University Of Melbourne Press.
1995 ‘The Big Frontyard: Nostalgia and Beach Culture in the 1950s’, in Creating a White Australian Dreamtime: The Cultural Heritage and Politics of the 1950s, Charles Sturt University Press, Albury.
1994 ‘From Ayers Rock to McRock: Advertising Uluru’, in Racism, Representation and Photography, Inner City Education Unit, Sydney,
1993 ‘Prepress Strategies,’ in Computerwise, Heinemann, Shannon and Chatman (eds), Jacaranda Press, Sydney.
1981 ‘Postcards as Intervention' in Photo-Discourse, Brereton, K. (ed), Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts.
1981 'Interview with Christine Goddin (Australian Centre for Photography)' in Photo- Discourse , Brereton, K. (ed), Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts.Fiction/Poetry
2007 We Are A Movie, poetry performance at Lee Marvin Readings, Adelaide
2005 I've Never Been to the Inland Sea, Jellied Tongue Press, Bulli
1997 ‘The Cultural Poetics of Water’ in Heat, No.6, Sydney.
1996 ‘Thai Proverbs for Australian Tourists’, in W/edge No. 2, University of Western Sydney.

Artist Books

1981 Hang-Gliding, Rollmop Press, Sydney
1979 I’ve Never Been to Japan, Rollmop Press, Sydney


2013 Chaosmosis, super 8, col/sound, 5:02secs
1997 Mortal Divide Aside, 8mm, col/silent, 20mins.
1992 The Trouble with Being Born, super 8, 5:05secs
1991 Memories to Live By, 8mm, col/sound, 25mins.
1989 Miza-za Pa, 8mm, col/sound, 10mins.
1987 Running Backwards for Art, City to Surf, 8mm, col/sound, 5mins.
1985 Re-Entries: Men Entering the Water at Bondi, 8mm, col/sound, 12mins.
1984 More is Plenty, 8mm, col/sound, 12mins.
1984 Shock of the Ordinary, 8mm, col/sound, 10mins.
1984 Sleight of Land, 8mm, col/sound, 16mins.
1982 Ideal Homes: Knossos, 8mm, col/sound, 4mins.
- Altar/Alter, 8mm, col/sound, 6mins.
1981 The Coal Cliff, 8mm, col/sound, 12mins.
1981 Party Tricks, 8mm, col/sound, 4mins.
1981 Aus-Land or The Other Country, 8mm, col/sound, 30mins.
1979 Backwards To You, 8mm, col/sound, 20mins.
1978 Greetings From Sydney, 8mm, col/sound, 15mins.
1977 Chuck You Farley-Punks in Sydney 1977, 16mm, col/b&w, 25min.Film Screenings
2006 The Coal Cliff, Chauvel Cinema, Sydney
2006 5 Films - Ming Chuan, Southern Taiwan University, Taiwan
1997 Mortal Divide —George Alexander book launch, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.
1996 Beyond the Sublime, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.
1989 Perspecta, NSW Art Gallery, Sydney.
1985 N.S.W. Institute of Technology, Sydney.
1985 City Art Institute, Sydney.
1984 City Art Institute, Sydney.
1984 FUTUR*FALL Conference, Jamison St, Sydney.
1982 National Art School, Dublin.
1982 Bristol Art School.
1982 Bristol Super 8 Film Festival, King St. Gallery, Bristol.
1982 London Film Makers Co-op.
1982 I.C.A., London.
1981 2nd Sydney Super 8 Film Festival, Sydney.
1981 Foreign Bodies Semiotics Conference, Sydney University.
1981 Sydney College of the Arts.
1981 Adelaide A.B.C. Film Centre.
1981 Exiles Gallery, Sydney.
1980 1st Sydney Super 8 Film Festival, Sydney.

Video and Animation Works

2012 Halloweenies, Tokyo, Japan, Sensitive Plastic Productions,
2012 The Crisis in Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece 25mins
2009 The Fall, digital video, 2 min:39sec
2008 ZEN-Post Digital Meditation Kit,
digital video 4:13sec
2007 The Garden, digital video animation, 2
mins 36secs
2006 5 Films, super 8 and digital video animations, DVD, Sensitive Plastic Productions, 20mins
2005 The Opening, Vuspace gallery, 120mins
2004 Orpheus Enters the Mangroves, 10 min super 8 film and digital animation, USC Gallery Qld.
2002 Bushfire Zone, 20min digital video for Art Realty show.
1996 Uluru Dystopia, Beyond the Sublime, 60sec digital video animation.
1994 Multimedia Links: Issues in Education and Advertising, UTS, Sydney, VHS, Col. 30mins
1987 Third Degree Promo, 3/4 " col. 5mins.
1981 Rock Against Racism, (camera) 3/4 " col. 90mins.
1981 Aboriginal Islander Dance Company, 3/4 " col. 60mins
1979 True Luv, 3/4 " col. 60mins.
1978 Damn The Ironing, 3/4 " col. 35mins.
1978 Portrait While You Wait, 3/4 " col. 30mins.New Media and Audio Works
2003 “Lyrebird Mixdown” (3 mins) Ear Clips - CD compilation, Listening Room, Radio National, ABC Music. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/arts/earclips/03.htm
2001 Messiaen at Mt Kiera, Jellied Tongue Press, (accompanying exhibition).
1997 CDRom graphic interface design on From Convict Ship to Dragon Boat: Australia on CD Series, Ripple Media, Adelaide.

Art Performances

2008 We Are Not A Movie, Lee Marvin Readings, Adelaide
1999 Homage to Fluxus Academics – FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong
1989 'Homage to Piotr Olzanski', at Perspecta, Art Gallery of NSW.
1985 ‘Art Has Always Been Didactic’, at Close Remarks Conference, Artspace Gallery, Sydney.
1984 ‘Sleight of Land’, (with George Alexander), FUTUR*FALL Conference, Jamieson St., Sydney.
1983/4 Performances of the 'Natural Histories Events' with Kit Edwardes at the following venues:
Watershed Gallery, Bristol; Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; Underdale CAE, Adelaide; Hartley CAE, Adelaide; Flinders University, Adelaide; Norlunga Institute, Adelaide; Newcastle CAE Art School; City Art Institute, Sydney; Seaforth Technical College, Sydney; Artspace Gallery, Sydney; Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney.
1979-80 Pipi Storm Theatre
(acting and directing)

Catalogue essays/articles on Kurt Brereton

2009 George Alexander, Kurt Brereton, Survey Show 1999 - 2009, catalogue essay, Wollongong City Gallery
2008 Anne Howell, 'The Rhizomatic Art of Kurt Brereton', in Luscious, Lakeside Arts, Denville, USA
2007 Anne Howell, 'The Rhizomatic Art of Kurt Brereton', in Kunapipi, Vol XXIX No 1 20072006 Tsen Wang, "Rhizomorphism", in Rhizome, UOW Press, Wollongong
2005 Ken Bolton, "Escarpment", catalog essay for Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea
2003 George Alexander, “Time Out of Mind”, catalog essay for Chronography – a series of performance paintings dealing with mapping time.
2002 George Alexander, “Art Reality For Sale” catalog essay for Art Reality, (exhibition at Sir Herman Black Gallery, Sydney University.)
2001 Associate Professor Stephen Ingham, “Synaesthetics: Olivier Messiaen at Mt Kiera” in Kurt Brereton, The Colour of Time: Messiaen at Mt Kiera, Jellied Tongue Press, exhibition CDRom catalogue, UTS, Sydney




Past academic positions (1984 - 2011)

– Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  University of the Sunshine Coast
– Head of Dept. Design & Multimedia, Faculty of Creative Arts, UOW
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Media Arts Production, UTS
– Part time art teacher TAFE (Wollongong/St.George/Murwillumbah) and Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery


PhD (1995) University of Technology, Sydney
Dip Art (1978) Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney
Cert IV: Learning & Assessment, TAFE
OH&S Certificate, TAFE

Brief Overview

– Born, St. Arnaud Victoria

– HSC Mullumbimby, NSW.

– University of New England (B. Natural Resources - deferred).

1975 -78
– Alexander Mackie College of the Arts (Dip Art - Photography, Film & Video).
– Magician’s Assistant, to The Amazing Mr Rooklyn Show, Sydney & Newcastle
– Pipi Storm Theatre Company (writing, directing and acting).

– Audio Visual Technical Officer and P/T lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts.

– Editor, Photo-Discourse, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
– Co-organiser of the Super 8 Film Festival, Sydney.
– Director of King Street Gallery, Bristol, England.
– Teacher, WEA and Watershed Media, Bristol, England
– Co-ordinator of Bristol Super 8 Film Festival.
– Guest lecturer at National Art School, Dublin, Ireland
– Guest lecturer at Bristol Art School, England.
– Artist in Schools Program, Bath Oldfield Girls High, England.

–Artist in Residence, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.
– Advertising and photo-layout artist, Oxford Weekender News, Sydney
–Part-time lecturer in Faculty of Humanities, UTS

– Full-time lecturer in Faculty of Humanities, UTS
– Part-time lecturer in Print Media Production, Tranby Aboriginal College, Sydney
– Editor, Third Degree Publications, UTS, Sydney

– Part-time lecturer in Print Media Production, Tranby Aboriginal College, Sydney

– Graphics and Design Editor, Desktop Magazine

– Partner and art director, Facelift Design (graphic design, interactive multimedia and net design).

– Editor (Graphic Design & Advertising) Click (online magazine), Sydney

– Co-editor (with Noel Sanders), Artlink - Mens Business: Masculinities Reflected, Vol. 16, No1.

–Appointment at University of Wollongong
– Senior Lecturer, Head of Graphic Design & New Media, Faculty of Creative Arts
-- Director of Blu Tac Gallery, Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong

– Board member, Project Center for Contemporary Art, Wollongong.

– Chair, Project Center for Contemporary Art, Wollongong.

– Partner and art director, Spark Interactive Design (graphic design, interactive multimedia and net design)
– Artist in Residence, University of Technology, Sydney
– Appointment at University of the Sunshine Coast, Adjunct Associate Professor (Computer Based Art & Design), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

– Appointment at University of Technology, Sydney, Adjunct Professor, (Design and Humanities)
– Part time postgraduate coursework teaching at DAB, UTS.
– Ongoing postgraduate supervision and theses examinations at various universities including UOW, UTS, USC, Griffith, UNSW and Victoria University.

2005 - 2008
- Regularly conducts art master classes and workshops in visual art and digital media at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea, Sydney and Bundanon Art Centre

- Part time art teacher TAFE (Wollongong).
- Judge of Moreton Bay Art Awards, Brisbane

- Judge of Kiama Art Prize, Assessor for NAVA Grants
- Launched Ken Bolton's book A Whistled Bit of Bob, Vagabond Press
- Artist in residence at Gymea Technology Highschool, Sydney

- Co-curated Coalcliff Days exhibition at Wollongong City Gallery.
- Part time art teacher TAFE (Wollongong)

- P/T teachig art at TAFE, NSW (Murwillumbah)
. Exhibitions and performancs in USA ,Greece, Germany, Japan.

2013 - present. Full time art studio practice, film and writing.
Occasional art workshops.