Works exhibited in the On The Shore Prize exhibition at Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival (April 2006)

1. Australian Mythological Sites: No: 6 Sunbakers

This installation is designed to evoke a mix of responses to a set of iconic and symbolic signs familiar to all beach goers. The cordoned-off zone suggests museum display, sacred site and crime scene. The carefully arranged folded beach towels refer to swimmers possessions marking out territory and hand off my valuables. The laid out beach towels with painted outlines of sunbakers alludes to police crime scenes, death and loss. The combined semiotic tableaux within this beach context aims to throws up questions concerning the mythologies of being at the beach with all the risks and pleasures involved.
Media: Recycled beach towels, spray paint

2. Australian Mythological Sites: No: 7 Select Committee Meets to Decide Our Future

A satirical work that aims to poke fun at the frustration many seaside residents feel about the lack of ecological planning and conservation in the face of rapid urbanisation of the coastal region. Any resemblances to actual local, state or federal members are the result of careful planning and painstaking efforts on the part of the viewer.
Media: Recycled business suits, rubber gloves, pantyhose stuffed with newspapers.

3. Australian Mythological Sites: No: 8 Aussie Beach Skin Cancer Survival Kit

This handy portable skin cancer survival kit is the product of years of field research by the artist growing up on various beaches of NSW. It is advisable to use a handheld mirror or a friend’s reflector sunglasses while performing any do-it-yourself operations. Please see a doctor before using this kit if you are unsure what the silver “sharpy-one” is.
Media: Recycled cardboard, plaster, acrylic

4. Australian Mythological Sites: No: 9 Redneck Travel Guide To Australia – Cronulla Beach

A must read for any tourist and new arrival to Australia’s sunburnt land of the young and the free. This is the first in a series of guidebooks featuring Australia’s infamous hotspots of prejudice and bigotry. For further information go to
Media: Recycled cardboard, plaster, acrylic, lead pencil

5. Australian Mythological Sites: No: 10 “Going Fast” - Sublime Point Real Estate Brochure

A well-preserved copy of a free real estate brochure produced by UnReal Coastal Developments in 2004. This brochure features the well-known South Coast housing development at Sublime Point. This brochure is one of only 10 known copies to still be in existence. Photographs of Sublime Point prior to the rapid urban development are now held in the State Library Rare Photos Collection of NSW Nature Reserves and Extinct Habitats. This exhibit is kindly loaned by the Estate of the Right Hon. Mr Craggy Bowels.
Media: Recycled cardboard, plaster, acrylic, copper wire, lead pencil