Such is Art
Art Writing Culture

forthcoming in 2009
260 pp, A4 portrait, full colour
+ ongoing web platform staging zone

Published by Roll Mop Press

An artist monograph that is an artwork in itself - on contemporary art and culture.

Designed to be read/"downloaded" as discrete fragments in tune with contemporary on-line reading habits.

This is a expanded artist's book being a mix of monograph, art journal articles, critical essays and poetic image text constructions. Conceived to also be a launchpad for ongoing art and critical productions -with built in resource weblinks and blog-like connections.

Features a survey of Brereton's visual art, photography, films,.digital animations, artist's books, poetry and performance art from 1975 - 2007

Includes a detailed biography and short essays on Kurt Brereton by various writers and critics.





Essays (including)

• Rhizomatic Art (new)
• Digital Mirror Stage: The Pixelated Gaze
• Knotting the Image: Virtual Art
• CyberPoetics of Typography
• Image Deliria
• Photo-Discourse: Theory and Practice in Photography
Entering the Water at Bondi
The Cultural Poetics of Water
• The Pathetic Manifesto

Artist Books

• I’ve Never Been to Japan

• II've Never Been to the Inland Sea
• We Are a Movie

Artworks/exhibitions 1981 - 2007
Painting, sculpture, installation, performances, photography, film & new media animation