Art exhibition • poetry readings  •  book publishing

Curated by Kurt Brereton, Ken Bolton & Sal Brereton


Wollongong City Gallery (April 9 - May 22, 2011)

Exhibition showcasing the work of Australian poets and artists who gathered in a Coalcliff house north of Wollongong.

Founded by poets Ken Bolton and Sal Brereton (1979 - 82) and occupied by Alan Jefferies (1982 -1992).


Poetry readings at Wollongong Cit Gallery

The Coalcliff Gang Rides Again - April 15 7pm (Opening Night)
A rare gathering together of Australia's finest poets who contributed to the Coalcliff story. Speakers: Ken Bolton, Laurie Duggan, Pam Brown, Sal Brereton, Allan Jefferies, Denis Gallagher, Tom Thompson, Barabara Brooks

Legends & Young Guns - April 16 1pm
( sponsored by the South Coast Writer's Centre.)

Hear the best local Illawarra young poets and the Coalcliff mob.


Books launched on opening night by Nick Pounder Friday April 15


Each book is limited to 50 copies  of a collectors edition.

Include original artworks.
Signed and numbered by the authors/contributors.

While the hardcopy edition is now

the e-book edition
are now available at
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Coalcliff Days: Poetry & Art 1979 - 1982 (and beyond)
(edited by Ken Bolton, Sal Brereton and Kurt Brereton)

325pp, colour, silkscreen cover, original art pages

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Taking Stock
Sal Brereton

A memoir of living at Coalcliff

200pp, colour, original art pages

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We Are A Movie: Collected Artist Books
Kurt Brereton

8 artist books connected to the Coalcliff

250pp, colour, original art pages

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Kurt Brereton, PO BOX 22, Bulli, NSW, Australia 2516.

enquiries to
0414 568 221


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