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After James Whistler Series

I went to Italy and Portugal to do a project (in Venice) and art research during Feb and March 2018. In Venice I will be retracing the locations where James Whistler did his etchings of back streets. Venice was already in decline when Whistler spent a year there in 1879-81. I am curious to see the last death throws of the city now some 150 years later - due to decay, climate change, shifting global economics and suffocating tourism. The drowning city is a kind of fantastic city built on a swamp - floating on a raft of golden mangroves.
I will produce a series of drawings which I will then translate into embroidery and oil paintings.
Venice was a major centre (a crossing between east and west ) of the silk road textile trade during the middle ages and beyond. Today Venice is symbolic of the mythology of old world empires, and at the same time, of theme park hyper realities.

WHISTLER James Abbott McNeill, The Two Doorways, from Venice 1879/80


Art studio now at Currarong, NSW

In 2013, after spending over a year travelling to Europe, USA, Japan and Australia, Brereton moved from Wollongong to Currarong near Nowra on the south coast of NSW, Austra ia

Currarong Studio


Next Solo Exhibition


Report from the Littoral Zone

Installation, sculpture, paintings, videos across three galleries.

Sept - Nov. 2018

Opening is on Saturday September 8th 1pm - 3pm



Spin off project.

A Print Exhibition travelling to various galleries.

Curated by Kate Corringe-Smith
The Flyway Print Exchange

see here for details of the show


Now - Shoalhaven Contemporary Art Prize,
Nowra Regional Gallery 2016



Now - Shoalhaven Contemporary Art Prize,
Nowra Regional Gallery 2015

Currarong Mangroves,101cm x 167cm,
oil on canvas, 2015



Hazelhurst Art Award 2013
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre

Mangrove Man, 100 x 150cm digital photo, waterclour, 2013



Calleen Art Prize - Cowra Regional Gallery, 2013

Caught One More Time, 122 x 167cm,
oil on canvas, 2013

Calleen Art Prize - Cowra Regional Gallery, 2011

First Prize
James Kiwi Watercolour Prize 2010

The gallery purchased the work for their collection

56th Blake Prize for Religious Art
30 August - 29th Sept, 2007



Thirroul Art Prize, Major Award, 2007

Kurt Brereton with his winning painting Illawarra Escarpment
Thirroul Art Prize, Major Award, 2008

Thirroul Art Prize, Major Award, 2007

Kurt Brereton with his winning painting Kuradji Embassy Bulli


Meeting of Our Elders to Decide Our Future
mixed media installation

Winner of People's Choice Award
On The Shore Art Prize, Thirroul, 2006

screening of Super 8 film
The Coal Cliff
(Kurt Brereton & Kate Richards), 1981

12th December 2006 - Chauvel Cinema Sydney
The Super 8 Effect

& May 2011 - Wollongong City Gallery
Coalcliff Days exhibition and poetry event



Dr Brereton was one of the judges for the Photography / 2D digital art / Computer art award

Moreton Bay region art awards
Previously known as the Pine Rivers Annual Art Awards which ran for 16 years. Moreton Bay Conservation Art Advisory Group will convene on the day of judging to consider purchasing works recommended by the judges.
Total awards and acquisition money - $32,000. Artists may enter one artwork in each category. All categories are open to residents of the Moreton Bay region.

How Digital Technology Killed the Photography Star!
6pm Thursday May 21
Dinner talk by Dr Kurt Brereton
Pine Rivers Art Gallery
, Queensland

With the rise of digital cameras and editing, what’s happening to the art of photography? New technologies have radically changed our idea of what a photograph is and what a photographer does. Join Dr Kurt Brereton as he discusses the changing nature of photography – what it is today and what it may be in the future - and the impacts on journalism, advertising and art. Dr Brereton is Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and an educator in the fields of new media, design, humanities and the visual arts.


Artists in Schools
Extended Residency Program
Regional Gallery and Arts Centre

From Art to Web

Visual Arts to Visual Art Gallery

Visual and digital media artist Dr Kurt Brereton
will work with students and staff at Gymea
Technology High School during 2010/11. The program will
extend the school’s program in Visual Arts,
Photography and Digital Media. Students will
work across 2D and time-based media (video
and website design) with final artworks
displayed on the school website as an on-line
gallery and a public screening of time-based
works in the Hazelhurst Theatrette.